Stonework Design and Implementation

About Brookwood Landscape & Stonework

”We will continually strive to impress our clients. We never cut corners and we focus on the important details.”
– Jason Morey | President


Brookwood was established in 2010. Our team has over 75+ years combined experience.

We share your passion and excitement for enhancing your outdoor living spaces. We bring a heightened sense of esthetics, intelligent yet innovative design and old world craftsmanship to constructing a beautiful landscape around your home while simultaneously offering gorgeous and functional solutions to the challenges that may exist in the terrain around your estate.

We are committed to producing stunning results with the landscape around your home from start to finish – as we understand and appreciate the importance of increasing the value and curb appeal of your property.


Brookwood is committed to customer satisfaction, we strive to exceed our clients expectations. Building with only the finest quality products available that stand up to the test of time.

Let us bring our astute expertise to your out door living spaces and landscape so you can create beautiful memories in your yard.

For us it is all about paying attention to the details of your lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, stone work, patios, walk ways and the surrounding grounds of your property.

We take pride in executing a plan of care to optimize the look of all of your landscaping while simultaneously recommending hardy plantings that can withstand the extreme weather changes in New England.

Brookwood Stone